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The Mankind can express which Lord Krishna’s Great Cow can’t, therefore, Hospital for them was Top Priority in the mind of enlighten soul, Devi Chitralekhaji {Deviji}.   This is why 10 Bigha / appx. 3-4 land owned for GAU SEVA DHAM HOSPITAL  in 2013 on NH-2, HODAL, Distt. Palwal, (Haryana) whereat hundreds seriously /accidental/sick mother-of-land ‘? Cow-breed’ have been cured successful.  This is what gives much relief to Deviji and the Devotees coming from across the seas, this Mile-Stone (GSDH) is seems PARADISE when the Great Cow gets relief but, the Project dedicated to them is still under construction.  

One day, Devi Chitralekhaji (Deviji) saw an injured cow lying on the side of the  road and found that her condition was very serious. Immediately, Deviji attended to  the cow and gave her first aid. Deviji was very concerned about this incident and as a result conceived an idea of providing proper care and treatment to stranded and sick cows.   

Hence, GAU SEVA DHAM HOSPITAL? came into existence. The hospital is being built on NH 2 near Hodal, District Palwal, Haryana on 10 Bigha land (Approx 3-4 Acres).

This dream project of World Sankirtan Tour Trust will have 4 floors with lifts, once completed.

At present the following construction work has already been done:

-3 Sheds have been completed (Fodder storage shed, Cow shed, Cow kitchen shed).

-Temporary Main Administrative Office.

-Temporary multi Utility rooms and toilet.

Upon completion the hospital complex will consist of the following facilites:

Administrative Block:

Main Office: It will be constructed in Phase-I in order to guide and supervise proper functioning of the hospital. It will have 50 rooms for various departments where about 100 employees will be working.

Currently there are 80 Employees at the Hospital (1 Manager, 1 Accountants, 15 Office Assistants &  3 Doctors-one M V Sc and 12 V L D A).

Guest Rooms: Visitors will be able to stay for 1-2 days (with free tea & meals provided).

Medical & Admin Staff Residence: The complex will have 100 independent accommodation suites for Doctors & Staff working at the hospital.

Dormitory: This will be used to accommodate a group of visitors who want to stay for upto 2 days. It will have its own toilet and bathroom facilities.

Literature Sales Counter: Bhajan CDs, Kirtan DVDs and literature will be available here for Devotees.

Waiting Lounge: Visitors may wait here for a short duration.

Conference Hall: Important lectures, presentations and group discussions for sharing information related to Gau Seva , welfare schemes & treatment will be arranged here.

Electrical Room: It will be used to stock electric items.

Kitchen & Dining Hall: Food will be prepared & served here for hospital employees and visitors.

Tool Room: It will store various types of tools and equipment required for the hospital.

Temple & Kirtan Hall: Shri Radha Krishna & Gau Mata Mandir will be here over approx 1000 Sq.ft. Kirtan etc. will be held here.

Chara Ghar: Fodders, Turi, Khal, Binola, Choker, Gur etc. for cows will be stocked here.

Wards for:

Sick Cows: Cows having fever, stomach problems, wounds, Urine track infections etc will be cared for here.

Cancer Affected Cows: All types of cancer treatment will be given to ailing cows.

Fractured Cows: Cows having fractured bones will be treated here with extreme care (as fractured bones are very painful).

Blind Cows: Cows, which are partially or completely blind will be treated here with proper care.

ICU: Extremely serious cows will be treated here. Oxygen and health monitoring equipment will be available here.

Bachda & Bachdi: Baby cows will be cared for here whilst being monitored for their health & growth apart from their medical treatment.

Other Animals: Any other sick or injured animal found on road side will be brought here for treatment.

Emergency Ward: Any injured or ailing cow which requires urgent medical assistance will be given First Aid here before being moved to a ward.

Other Medical Facilities:

X-RAY: Latest X-RAY machine will be used to identify foreign items in the body, to examine broken bones, for Pregnancy test, to examine respiratory system.

Ultrasound: Latest Ultra Sound machines will be installed here for investigating invisible causes for sickness of the cows. Whole or partial body scan will be done here.

Operating Theatre: Surgical operations will be conducted here to give the relief to the sick cows.

Pathology: Pathological investigation of Blood, Urine, Cow Dung etc. will be conducted here.

Medical store: All types of animal medicine will be kept in stock here.

Other Facilities:

Ambulance: It will be used to transport sick, injured and handicapped cows and for returning fully recovered cows back to their original Gau Shalas.

Gober Gas Plant: It will use cow dung to generate gas for the hospital kitchens and compound lights.

Disposal Of Medical Waste: There will be proper  method for the disposal of medical waste from the Hospital in order to maintain hygienic conditions in and around hospital.

Pond For Cows: It will be used for bathing cows and animals. Drinking water facility will also be available here for the animals.

Car Park: Hospital will have vehicle parking place near the main entrance of the hospital for use by staff & visitors.

Children’s Park: It will have slides, seesaw, swing (Zoola), round robin (roundabout) , parallel bars etc for children to play.

The purpose of the hospital is to treat all types of cow diseases, fractures, cancers, accident injuries etc. free of any cost. The hospital will also give its services to ailing cows in the adjoining areas of about 10-15 Kms by sending a Doctor who will provide free medical consultancy. Serious/Stranded/Injured/Wounded Cows will be brought to the hospital by ambulance for proper care and medical treatment. The hospital will also bring sick cows from Gau Shalas for treatment and return them after full recovery.

It is our humble request for all, to help in arranging the following equipment by Please donating generously or helping to obtain an X-RAY machine, Ambulance, Ultra sound machine, Tractor, JCB, Pathological instruments and Children Park equipment.






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